About our island, Kalymnos

One of the most unique islands of the Dodecanese, the charming Kalymnos, the famous island of sponge divers retains its authenticity and invites you to discover its secrets, in a summer getaway that will be unforgettable! Between Kos and Leros, the fourth largest island of the Dodecanese has emerged in recent years as an alternative holiday destination since it offers the opportunity for adventure lovers, to climb the impressive rock formations, diving in the fascinating seabed and mountain hiking.

The diversity of the coasts, steep cliffs and mild climate make this island an ideal place for climbers. For those climbers who have traveled, The Rock of Kalymnos resembles that of Thailand. The entire island is a unique natural track with more than 3500 carved climbing routes of every difficulty.

Up to date, in Kalymnos there are about 200 walking routes and 77 climbing fields, making it one of the most important destinations where the visitor can find everything he wants.

Kalymnos also hosts world-famous festivals, such as the Kalymnos Climbing Festival, an international meeting of non-competitive climbers, which takes place every two years.

On the other hand, diving enthusiasts can attend the Kalymnos Diving festival, during which a full program of activities is offered for those who love free and autonomous diving.

In Kalymnos you will find organized diving centers, offering diving to shipwrecks, underwater caves and other places of enchanting beauty. The island has wonderful hiking routes, but it also gives you the possibility of visiting about 50 caves, covering the need of every traveler!

Just a stone’s throw from the beautiful Kalymnos in the Dodecanese, stands provocatively beautifull and strange, the tiny Telendos. Precious Telendos, with its excellent ecosystem is a protected area with the NATURA 2000 treaty.

Tiny Telendos, was once united with the neighboring island of Kaylmnos, but a strong earthquake in 535 a.d. separated the two islands. This lonely rock of the Dodecansese complex, with an area of 5 sq. Kilometer has only a small settlement, in the graphical harbor of the small island. You will be delighted by the crystal clear sea, the traditional fish taverns and the majestic serenity that exudes the landscape.

Telendos is a natural paradise. Its rocky shores are interrupted by small sandy beaches, which are mostly accessible on foot, while for some really secret corners you will need to take the boat. The northern part of the island is uninhabited by humans, but it is a refuge for the wonderful Aegeanbird, but also for many other birds.

The island is extremely quiet, you can enjoy swimming, make beautiful trips to Rachi admiring the view, diving or fishing. And of course you can enjoy, in the small settlement of Telendos, the precious honey from thyme, but also to procure many herbs from the plateau of Rachi which are therapeutic.

The small community of residents has touching and ancient customs, it is characteristic that after Easter the “Agapes” – joint meals with the participation of all the inhabitants, a habit that keeps from the first Christian societies, but has even deeper undercoat, in the joint meals of Dionysus and Orpheus. Definitely Telendos remains a precious, secret Ark of traditions.

Access to Telendos is very easy from the neighboring Myrties in Kalymnos, with water taxis which make regular routes every day.




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