Travel to Kalymnos

Travel to Kalymnos from Athens

From Athens airport to Kalymnos

The faster way to get to Kalymnos is by airplane, in a 45 minutes flight with Sky Express. IATA code for Kalymnos airport is JKL. For more information follow the link to… Sky Express

From Peiraeus port to Kalymnos island by boat

An exciting and authentic Greek way to travel. Travel directly and cheaper. All ships are comfortable and have enough free space for everyone. The cabins are available for up to 4 people. The journey takes approximately 10 – 12 hours. Check for schedules… From Piraeus Port to Kalymnos

Get to Kalymnos through Rhodes island

From Rhodes island to Kalymnos island

From the island of Rhodes you can choose between the Ferry or a smaller and faster boat to Kalymnos. The trip takes 3 to 5 hours. Check the following link… From Rhodes Island to Kalymnos with Catamaran

Get to Kalymnos through Kos island

From Europe to Kos island

You can fly to Kos airport with cheap flights and then use the small ferries from Mastihari to reach Kalymnos. For more details about flights you can visit the following websites… RyanairThomas Cook AirlinesEasyjet

From Athens to Kos island

The flight to Kos (IATA Code: KGS) lasts 35 – 40 minutes from Athens airport. When arriving to Kos gο to Mastichari port, just a few kilometers from the airport, and then take the ferry to Kalymnos. The trip with the boats “Kalymnos Star”, “Kalymnos Dolphin” and “Ilias T” to Kalymnos takes about 15 – 20 minutes. The trip with the boat “Olympios Zeus” to Kalymnos takes about 45 – 50 minutes. For detailed itineraries please check the following links… From Athens Airport to Kos with Olympic AirlinesFrom Athens Airport to Kos with Aegean AirlinesFrom Mastichari Port to Kalymnos with “Kalymnos Star”, “Kalymnos Dolphin” and “Ilias T” From Mastichari Port to Kalymnos with “Olympios Zeus”